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Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel Collaboration

Working together with Matthew Konar Architect and his team, we were able to transform a dark and outdated kitchen into a mid-century modern bright and open living space.

Style: Modern

The Process

Konar’s team defined the space more clearly between the den and kitchen area and tied it into the existing upstairs living room. They overcame this obstacle by cutting a large hole into the main floor, creating a balcony. The gap allowed an enormous amount of light to flood into the lower level, brightening up the kitchen, which is a must-have for any mid-century modern space.


The homeowners now have ample space for the kitchen, a new dining area, a larger family room, and adequate bedrooms on the lower level.

Project Specs

Accordion with no collapsing
  1. IKEA “Sektion” Cabinetry in White with Brainerd Bar Brushed Copper Cylindrical Bar Cabinet Pull
  2. Birch Butcher Block Countertops with Pop-up Electrical Outlet Sockets
  3. Hardwood Flooring Finished On-site
  4. Sherwin Williams “Snow Bound” Wall Paint