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Transform your house into the home of your dreams with a whole-house remodel, and let NSS Home help you bring it to life! With endless opportunities for creative expression, plus access to expert solutions for any underlying issues like wiring or mold problems, this could be the start of something special. Take that first step today – make memories in the perfect space just waiting to become yours.

A House that Truly Fits your Lifestyle

Are you the proud owner of an old home with plenty of charm, but lacking in modern amenities? Our whole house renovations remodeling company is here to help! We specialize in home renovation projects that can bring your house up to date and into the 21st century. It’s time for a makeover – let us assist you in your remodeling project from start to finish as you create a space tailored specifically for every member of your family.

Transform your house into a personal reflection of you with an innovative home remodel. Choose from countless upgrades such as built-in shelving, luxurious master bathrooms, and custom closet management systems to fully customize the look and feel that fits you best. Enjoy entertaining guests in rooms designed specifically for organizational needs.

Our Whole House Remodel Process Makes it Easier

Taking on the mammoth task of renovating your home requires much more than just a toolbox and an idea. From deciding which colors to splash across the walls, floorings that make each room shine, and picking reputable contractors who can work their magic – all these decisions have to be made with thoughtfulness so that you stay within budget and manage time efficiently. But don’t worry! With careful planning and diligence right from day one, this house-beautifying adventure will be worth every effort.
NSS Home is dedicated to removing the stress from home renovations. Our team of designers and contractors ensures that your dream house becomes a reality, while our showroom makes selecting materials and finishes easy. You’ll also have an expert superintendent directing every part of the project – making it simple by following a 5-step process designed to reduce delays or issues on the way.


Our team is dedicated to collaborating with you from the start of your home project. We learn all about what makes it unique and special, as well as how we can make sure everything meets your expectations. Our process ensures that both sides are in agreement on this journey together – just check out our customer reviews if you’re curious! After gathering insights into what part needs work, work begins to bring these ideas to life.


In the design phase, let us help you turn your interior dreams into reality! Accurately measure and document every detail in 3D models. Then visit our showroom to find colorful designs that match whatever look, feel, and style you imagine for your home – allowing it to become a unique reflection of who you are as an individual or family.

Your Approval

With all major decisions finalized, we invite you to our office to present the project in vivid detail. Our fixed-price bid is tailored especially for your needs and budget – should you choose it, we swiftly set plans into motion. Renovations are a breeze with us by your side – from scheduling contractors to applying for permits, no stone will be left unturned.

Let’s build your dream home

After signing the contract and providing a deposit, you can join our superintendent and construction manager to get your renovation off to an auspicious start. Stay in contact with us throughout as we build up your dream home – we’ll keep you informed every step of the way! Finally, before handing over your keys for good, rest assured that all is made perfect by having one last sweep from our cleaning service experts.

Home Renovation Services We Offer

Transform your home into a true reflection of you with our comprehensive remodeling services. Our experienced team works together to provide the best end result, from full kitchen and bathroom overhauls to structural additions such as dining rooms or living spaces. Our team at NSS even creates custom cabinetry, shelving systems, and flooring – perfect for those who appreciate cosmetically finished touches that make their house truly unique.

What Is the Cost of a Whole-House Renovation?

At our initial consultation, we can provide a customized renovation estimate according to the size and scope of your project. Whether you want to keep the existing floor plan or completely change it up – electrical work, plumbing requirements, and materials all factor into pricing. Although not always the lowest cost provider in town – homeowners know that when they choose the best remodeling contractors for their home improvement projects they get quality products backed by experienced craftsmanship that will stand strong over time!

NSS Home is your trusted partner for any home improvement or renovation project. Whether it’s a master suite addition, the resale value increase, whole house remodels, or just more space – we have the teams and resources to handle the job. Our experts provide quality work that stands the test of time to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. From start to finish, our experienced Whole House Remodeling Contractors in Tacoma will guide you through every step of your whole home remodeling process while ensuring that you are always in control. Reach out today and start your dream remodel!

We are Proud to Serve you in Seattle & Tacoma

Our team has been creating dream living spaces for families across the Seattle and Tacoma area. From understanding customer needs to delivering lasting results, we provide top-notch services and materials that help restore beauty, add value, suit your personal style, and improve the quality of life for our customers. Our excellent work is reflected in the sheer number of glowing client reviews – see it yourself with a visit to our gallery.
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